2019.03.28  Congratulations to Gracie on passing her Candidacy Exam!! Our first official PhD candidate!

2019.03.18  Welcome Daniel Peng, Sarida Pratuangtham, and Amrita Rhoads. Let’s have a fantastic Spring Quarter!

2018.11.05  Farewell Amanda - good luck hacking the universe!

2018.12.14  Farewell Mark, Lincoln, and Emily - we’ll be seeing you around ;)

2018.11.12  Welcome Tianyi Zhang, our new Freshman labmate. Let’s make some molecules!

2018.11.05  Farewell Katie and Lex - good luck with your next rotation!

2018.11.01  Welcome Emily Laubscher, our newest rotation student! Can’t wait to get started!

2018.10.19  Living it up in the Ath, sans boss. Great looking group!


2018.10.01  Welcome Lex Colon, our newest Chemistry rotation student!

2018.09.28  Congrats to the Ondrus Lab and Katie for a winning poster in CCE’s Seminar Day!

2018.09.25  Farewell Sarah - it was great to work with you for the summer!

2018.09.19  A warm welcome to our newest rotation student from Biology, Mark Zhang!

2018.09.07  Goodbye Christie - many thanks for your fantastic contributions to the group and best of luck in the future!

2018.08.24  Farewell Mike!  Stay in touch!

2018.08.17  Farewell Allie and Jean!  We'll miss you!

2018.08.13  Welcome incoming G1 Katie Page.  Can't wait to get started on your brand new project!

2018.08.06  Welcome incoming G1 Lincoln Ombelets.  Looking forward to a fantastic start to your grad school career!

2018.07.27  Check out everyone's new photos on our Members page!

2018.07.23  Welcome to Sarah Jeoung, our newest Caltech undergrad!

2018.06.11  Welcome to our summer students, Jean (Berkeley), Allie (Rice), Mike (UMass Lowell)!  And welcome back Amanda (Caltech)!  ...Better photos to follow :)


2018.05.26  Escaped.  Take home lesson: the Ondrus Lab functions like a well-oiled machine under stress

2018 Escape Room.jpg

2018.03.19  Welcome back Gracie Z as our first official graduate student!  Time to celebrate!

2018.02.15  Welcome Dr. Xiang Ma, our newest postdoc

2018.01.15  Welcome to our new undergraduate researchers, Alexa Lauinger, Amanda Li, and Christie Huang

2018.01.02  Welcome to our new rotation student, Michelle Fuhrman

2017.12.19  Farewell to rotation students James Ousey and Grace Wang - we hope to see you back soon!

2017.12.16  Group outing to Switzer Falls: water in California!

2017-12-16_Group Outing.jpg

2017.10.01  Welcome Dr. Rahul Purohit (from Northwestern Univeristy), our first postdoc

2017.09.22  Welcome James Ousey (from Stanford), our new BMB rotation student

2017.09.14  All sandwiches eaten, all beer consumed: Lab warmed


2017.08.21  Welcome Morgan Abernathy (from Rice), the newest member of our Chemistry early starters

2017.08.04  Welcome Grace Wang (from Duke) and Gracie Zhang (from WUSTL), early start Chemistry students

2017.05.31  The lab is getting close... !

2017.05.19  Check out a conversation about our research on the Caltech website!  Link

2017.05.10  Hoods are in!

2017.04.11  Only a matter of weeks until the move to the new lab...

2017.04.11  Farewell Anand and Claudia- best of luck in your next labs!

2017.03.11  First group outing: Escape Room LA and Guisados

2017.01.01  Welcome Anand Mathusumy, Claudia Jette, Hanwei Liu, and Priya Chittur, our first rotation students!

2016.12.14   Welcome Matthew Endo, our new Operations Specialist

2016.12.09   Demolition of the old labs has begun!

2016.10.11   Free pizza + beer + chemistry at the Chemistry Evening Seminar

2016.09.14   Welcome temporary desk assignees Michael Jong, Caitlin Lacker, and Echo Wu to our interim desk space!

2016.09.01   Welcome Vicky Brennan, Administrative Assistant and Organizer Extraordinaire

2016.09.01   Farewell Elisha (see you in the hallway!)

2016.06.14   Welcome Elisha Okawa, our new Administrative Assistant

2016–   Planning for the new lab construction begins!